Fully Accessible 4x4 van

Posted by Ralph | 4:22 PM

As always I'm cruising the net looking for great stuff and this 4x4 conversion van is awesome! The companies name is Disabled Explorers and they have some great stuff in the works!

The plan calls for a wheelchair lift, tie-downs, a power drivers transfer seat and hand controls. This should give us a great platform to take almost anyone out for their first backcountry experience and since the rig has a nice sleeping setup we can offer overnight outings . I hope to post some pictures soon of the already completed 4wd conversion and the roof installation. I also hope to get out to the SMB West Fresno factory before too much longer to do work myself on the camera system, laptop mount, gps, and adding some extra insulation. But until then please enjoy some previews of the project and our reasons for the choices we are making.

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