Haiti to have amputee generation

Posted by Ralph | 3:52 PM

PORT-AU-PRINCE - Haiti faces a generation of amputees after tens of thousands of people lost limbs in the earthquake that struck the island two weeks ago, doctors have warned.

At Port-au-Prince Hospital, doctors have amputated hundreds of arms, legs, hands and feet and said that patients with crush injuries and gangrenous infections were still arriving in large numbers from remote areas of the countryside.

Dr Bruce Mintz, from New Jersey, had personally treated up to 200 amputee patients at the hospital. He said: "Every day they are coming in, more and more of them. We have some of the best surgeons in the world here, but we haven't got the number of nurses we need. The nurses are completely overwhelmed."

The hospital is suffering from a desperate nursing shortage after a wing collapsed in the Jan 12 earthquake, burying 150 nursing students - the entire second and third year classes. THE DAILY TELEGRAPH

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