I really wan't to be a cyborg

Posted by Ralph | 4:57 PM

I reposted an article about artificial limb envy and I definitely have it and much worse. I have a spinal cord injury and you would think I would be happy just walking again. I look at Japan's HAL-5 exoskeleton, the prosthetics they have hard wired to your nervous system and other prosthetics, like the "luke" hand and I wan't it.

Some people with those hard wired prosthetics report feeling in their prosthetics called targeted muscle reinervation so I'm fairly sure a cyborg body with some kind of nervous system is possible.

With 1214 amputations from the Iraq war as of Aug. 2008 prosthetic manufacturers believe this type of reinervation will bring regained feeling not only to the soldiers, but the population in whole.

I wouldn't be so interested in prosthetics technbology if I could just use my hands but my quadriplegia makes that impossible. I can use my arms and my hands to some degree but just enough to make me mad.

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