Paralympics starting soon

Posted by Ralph | 3:24 PM

For those of you that don't know about the Paralympics and which sports are going to be played, there are only 5 events in the Winter events.

The 2010 Paralympic games will be in Vancouver and Whistler, from 12-21 March 2010. There are only 5 sports in the winter games. Alpine skiing, Biathlon, Cross-country skiing, Wheelchair curling and Sledge hockey (called SLED HOCKEY in the USA). However, some of those events are actually broken into sub events. For example, Biathalon is actually 12 events, because it is divided into different events.

> There are standing, sitting and visually impaired participants, depending on type of disability.
> There are individual and pursuit events
* There are events for men and women.

Five events will be contested, sledge hockey may be the most popular. According to the info from the Paralympic Games, the gold medal ice sledge hockey game is already sold out! Why is the sledge hockey sport so popular?? Probably because it is fast paced and full contact. Sledge hockey is basically like ice hockey except the participants sit on a sledge.

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