Mike Rowney paraplegic sailor 1
Mike Rowney paraplegic sailor 2

Photos and Content used with permission of Mike Rowney.

Mike Rowney is a paraplegic, a sailor and a philanthropist, after sustaining an eight meter fall and breaking his back he is back in the water. The "Around Australia Challenge" is about sailing around Australia, single handed, to raise money for the Wheel Chairs for Kids Charity, and prove that big dreams can happen.

"This trip means a lot to me, not only is it a completion of the odyssey I began in Greece in 2001, but also it's a chance to give something back for what I have received. There is a saying- "Life is a storm. You bask in the sunlight one moment to be shattered on the rocks in the next. It's what you do when that storm comes"

Check out the site here.

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