Some of you may remember my posting about "chair skating," or "wheelchair skateboarding. I don't really know how to define or explain either term, I guess it is best left up to Tyler Deith himself in an interview he gave me over the weekend. Cool huh?

Ralph: It says on your site you have been wheeling around for three
years now. How did you get in the chair? (I broke my neck in a diving
acident seven years ago b/t/w.)

Tyler: Motorcycle accident. October 1st 2001. I was 21, went off the road on my way to work. I used to work at the airport as an airplane mechanic.I broke my spine at T-6.

Ralph: It's obvious from your videos you live a VERY active, some would say crazy life for a person in a chair. What drives you, motivates you to drop in on a ramp?

Tyler: I get restless mostly, I think its just a good thing to do. It lets me feel normal.

Ralph: Have you had any serious injuries from your activities? In the "Bails Section" on your video page you have had some wicked looking crashes.

Tyler: Nothing to serious I've had a broken arm, broken toe, sprained wrist, a torn out shoulder, few cuts and bruises.

Ralph: I do photography as my hobby/part time job. How involved are you with the filming and production of your videos?

Tyler: My website was put together by a friend of mine Dave. I've been at it for about the past year or so and I enjoy it.

Ralph: What plans do you have for the future of your site and sports hobbies? I see you going a long way.

Tyler: I just got back from California two weeks ago. I had a good time. Bought a new wheelchair called a Colours. Its a much nicer ride. I have about a foot of snow outside, so just taking it easy and relaxing. I do a bit of construction work on my house, and working on an ultralight airplane. Planning a trip somewhere in the new year, Florida would be nice.

Ralph: Is there any message you have for people in chairs, or for people who percieve people in chairs as "less able"?

Tyler: Life rolls on.

Ralph:Thanks for this interview. It's damn cold in Ontario, if you want to come to Florida again, I have the hook up, thanks again and talk to you soon.

Tyler: OK

Click here to check out Tyler's site, and if your in a chair, get in it and do something with yourself.I agree with you Tyler, life really does "roll on."

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