My 2nd trip to the NASDAQ 100 Open.

Posted by Ralph | 1:14 PM

As it says above, this was my second trip to Key Biscayne, Crandon Park Tennis Center in Miami for the NASDAQ 100 Open tennis tournament.

I arranged for some special accomodations through the media office to photograph the remaining matches in the men's wheelchair event's. I took a few good pictures but left my on court spot early, honestly I felt like I was impeding the match. There are a million excuses but I should have done a better job.

The pictures are here

1.)(2.)(3.)If anyone wants to look at them.

This was my first try at anything like this since I have been in the chair. I do believe that with better prep-work it will get easier. I know I need a better lens, maybe a 200 or 300 zoom would do it^_^. I did get more pix of the other athletes, more than a hundred actually, and some of them are really good. John took a bunch and I will try to credit his pix whenever I can

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