First trip to Vancouver!

Posted by Ralph | 2:01 PM

What a flight! First to Hartsfield, 1 hour 25 mins then a 2 hour layover and a 5 hour and 21 minute flight to Van (as the locals call it here.) I saw the Rocky Mountains for the first time and they are beautiful indeed. Mount St. Helens was visible in the west, quietly visible thank God. I flew in on the 26th and with the 3 hour time difference it was still only ten a.m. Van. Airport is a marvelous structure, very modern, very accessible and all the flight crews and airport employees were more than accomodating to my needs.

I got a $12.00 wheelchair accessible minivan through Vancouver Taxi (604) 871-1111 that took me straight to my lodgings. Hosteling International (604) 684-4565, I reserved the one wheelchair accessible w/ private bath that I could find in Van and it was just that. One double bunk bed and bathroom with roll-in shower... Sweet! The rate from the 26th of May to the 1st of June was only $20.00 Canadian! June 1st until I leave is $28.00 but with what I am getting I don't think I could do better.

Public transportation is extremely accessible, although quite expensive $2.25 per trip, most of the shops and buildings are as well although I haven't made it to any of the museums yet.

The photography has been good so far, I have gone to Gastown, which is an older part of town and all around the downtown district. Stanley Park and Vancouver Island are still on my plate for the next couple of days. I have met some great people from all over the world and will post again soon! With pix next time

Bye for now, it's 11:30 the weather is beautiful and I am going out.


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