So few posts. . .

Posted by Ralph | 1:15 PM

Here I am still in Vancouver. I have developed a few hundred pictures and posted none. Van is an amazing city as I said before. The downtown areas are modern and beautiful with tons of glass and concrete buildings offset by the water, mountains and tree-lined streets. Since my last post here are a few of the things I have done and places I have seen.

1. The weekend of the 12th I went with a friend that told me Rick Hansen had a fundraiser to benefit spinal cord research. Rick Hansen is this amazing Canadian paraplegic that rolled the entire circumference of the planet back in the 80's. I don't have permission yet to add his link or logo but googling his name will give you all the info you could want. The benefit was held at B.C. Place on False Creek which is right on the water. My friend and I walked all around the sea wall on Pacific St, and all of these following pictures are of that area.

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