Way fast Mustang Crip Whip

Posted by Ralph | 12:58 PM

Content and Pictures taken from Tiger Racing

"The Tiger Racing Mustang GT is loosely based on the 2003 Ford Mustang. It is, however, a purpose built road racing car with a number of significant design features that make it unlike any other Mustang in the world."

"It incorporates a unique paddle shift gear box clutch system developed especially for this car by Ford Motor Company’s Advanced Powertrain Division. It allows high speed shifting controlled by two simple, thumb switches located on the steering wheel. Brake and throttle controls developed by Tiger Racing for this car are also located on the steering wheel, as is the radio push-to-talk button."

I have been looking at all of the pages on their site, and the technology they put into the car, and it is unbelievable. For example:

The steering column is designed to be telescopic with mechanical linkage to the cars brake master cylinder. The driver can cause the vehicle to brake by merely pushing the steering wheel away from her body. The motion is a simple arm extension much like bench pressing. Only about 50 lbs. of force are required for full brake lockup.

The throttle is drive-by-wire implemented by means of a concentric ring mounted on linear bearings about two inches in front of the steering wheel rim. The ring is in turn connected to a throttle position transducer.

This car is absolutely amazing! Take a look at their site for all the details, pictures and info on their owner/driver Carol Hollfelder. I gave them a call and req'ed a interview, maybe soon I will have something for you all.

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