Wheelchair Tennis Updates

Posted by Ralph | 6:30 PM

Michael Jeremiasz has been dethroned as the reigning king of wheelchair tennis. The Frenchman, after thirteen consecutive months as #1, had a miserable outing at this years U.S. Open, losing in the semi final match to Japan's, and then World's #4 Shingo Kunieda. Mr. Jeremiasz did, however, have a brilliant year, going 40 and 7 in singles, 31 and 1 in doubles, and winning 8 tournaments in either singles, doubles or both.

Shingo has had quite a bit of success against the Athen's bronze medalist, beating him in their previous final meeting, 6-2, 6-1 in the Japan Open, and while partnering with his countryman Satoshi Saida has won 4 doubles titles against him and his partners.

His overall record is excellent as well, reflected by his status as World's #1, 36 and 5 in singles, 30 and 5 doubles, 8 singles titles and 6 in doubles. Remarkable numbers for him, but understandable, he has been playing chair tennis 11 of his 22 years of age.

He is travelling in the treads of some very big wheels, before Jeremiasz sits the nearly omnipotent David Hall. Shingo's talent is very promising, but between those two ambassadors of the game he has a long way to roll. The first test of his month long reign will be the NEC Masters, held this month in Amsterdam. Coincidentally, last year's event was won by the then one month long #1 Michael Jeremiasz.

Correction! Michael lost!

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