2007 O&P Extremity Games

Posted by Ralph | 12:15 PM

I got a message on Myspace yesterday telling me that the O&P Extremity Games are on for the 2nd time. 2006's event was so good, I'm glad they are doing it again. The games are Extreme Sports Competions for amputees and people with limb difference.

I attended last years event as a credentialled journalist and had an amazing time. The events are BMX Racing, Vert Racing, Rock Wall Climbing, and Wakeboarding. The games drew really good turn-outs from the athletes and guests. Some of the competitors came from the U.K. and Australia, and the guests were treated to a fine show of the competitive spirit overcoming a physical disability.

If you would like to read last years article and see some pix here's a picture you can click on, it will take you to the article.

Click to article

"The O&P Extremity Games allows participants to demonstrate skill, persistence and passion while competing for cash and other prizes - proving There's No Replacement for the Competitive Spirit.

Do you have what it takes?
Courage, Drive, Ambition, Guts

Put your athletic ability to the extreme test
and join us in Orlando."

O and P Extreme Games

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