Foot and Mouth Painters!

Posted by Ralph | 5:20 PM

All "-" quoted content taken from their respective owners. Links are provided where available.

A very good friend of mine got a card today from the doctors's office next to his. The card was from a painter of the AMFPA. They are "The Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists......," a collection of artists from all over the world that paint......... with their feet and mouths!

That is crucially deserving of it's place here! Not that you know any different, lemme show a couple examples of some fine painting., by mouth.

These paintings as links will go directly to the painters gallery page. Deal with it please, trust me it's worth a few more clicks!

The first of the mouth painters is Dennis Francesconi from Cali. The painting below will take you to his gallery page. Just a bit of info....... Mouth Painting!


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