Wheelchair sports update 12/25/06

Posted by Ralph | 12:59 AM

1 st of all.............Big Doings! Merry Christmas to you, your families, techs, doctors and everyone else. Spinal Cord Injured people were all the place this year! Murderball, Extreme Makeover Home Edition, and "Paralyzed and Pregnant," and that's just a few of the many times I saw an SCI in the mainstream media. The unfortunate passing of our community Champion has hit us hard, but moving on and getting better is the best way we can honor him.

I haven't done an update of results or upcoming events in FAR to long. So this one will be a goodie.

> Disabled Sailing - 2.4 mR Class Midwinter Regatta (Jan 19-21) Shake-a-Leg Miami, Miami, Fla.

Rolex Miami OCR (Jan 22 - 27 US SAILING Center Miami (Paralympic Classes)
Sonar Class Midwinter Regatta (Feb 11-13) Key Biscayne YC, Miami, Fla.

>U.S. Paralympics - The U.S. Paralympic teams and athletes had an amazing year, Medal winners galore. Here is an example of their sites monster "Year in Review."

Jessica Galli’s two gold medals highlights a nine-medal performance by the U.S. in the track and field competition at the Visa Paralympic World Cup, while Erin Popovich wins three of the six U.S. medals won in the swimming events. (read more)

> Wheelchair Tennis - Robin Aamerlam and Esther Vergeer are named the ITF Players of the year, David Wagner is the quad (P.OT.Y). I guess it was convenient for Robin and Esther to receive their awards, the ceremonies were held in their home country of Netherlands, or Holland, I never know the difference. It's all clogs, windmills, weed.......... and great chair tennis players!

> I'm still waiting for the interview from Carol Hollfelder, spoke to Tyler Dieth and he might come down soon, and I hope for the best for everyone in the New Year!

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