Wheelchair adventurer updates 12/27/06

Posted by Ralph | 3:01 PM

I ego-googled the search phrase "wheelchair adventurer" and much to my pleasure found myself having multiple entries on the first page.... I also found some more people to interview and tell their stories here! Some of these adventures are from a few years ago and I feel like crap for not finding out about them sooner. Better later than never? EH? Here goes. >

> Glenn Shaw - Confined to a chair his whole life, this guy is the real deal with a number of wheelchair trips under his belt. New Zealand, Mount Everest, Antarctica, Colorado, and Canada. His accomplishments are phenomonal, reaching Everest Base Camp in a chair?! That's just super. He has a pretty trick Land Rover too and his site has great pix of his journeys and the tech he uses.

I am STILL waiting for Carol's interview to come back, but when it does I'll hack one together for this guy. I really apologize for not updating daily, I allowed the toll from doing this by myself to get the better of me for a bit. I'm over it, got my small business loan and a steady flow of wheelchair sports and tech are back on!

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