Wheelchair adventurer updates 12/28/06

Posted by Ralph | 9:19 AM

Today is the third to the last day of the year 2006?! It's seems like I was just recovering from last New Year's celebration.... I am definitely going to take it easy this New Year, I really wan't to start it off on a positive note.

Through the internet and down the rabbit hole I found out about "Around The World in 80 Ways," no it's not a typo of "Days," it's a docufilm from the U.K. here's a byte from their site.

"Around the World In Eighty Ways is an epic bid by three adventurers with disabilities challenged by their modern day Phileas Fogg to circumnavigate the globe using 80 different means of transport, led by Robin Dunseath, adventure leader. Their aim is to encourage everyone to live their lives to the fullest potential while also raising much needed funds for deserving charities along the route"

It (the trip) was a very modern takeoff of an equally good, classic book by Jules Verne, "Around The World in 80 days." Not only did these modern, disabled travellers go around in 80 days, they did it 80 different ways. One of the more interesting modes of transpo..... wheelchair sleds pulled by a Husky trough an English forest. Very Cool eh? I'm all for that one.

Their site will tell you everything you want to know about what's possible for the disabled traveller in 15 different countries, and the diaries are damn good reading. Around The World in80 Ways Homepage

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