Wheelchair adventurer updates 1/02/07

Posted by Ralph | 10:29 PM |

Elakah Expeditions are a kayaking and camping outfitter in Bellingham, Washington. I haven't spoken to these folks about their business yet, but Elakah Expeditions seems like a pretty good trip for an active living paraplegic or very strong C-7 Quadriplegic.

"Mike is the owner and boss-man of Elakah. Early in life, Mike became paralyzed in a mountain biking accident. Ever since, Mike has sought to make the outdoors available to people of all abilities. He is known for his calm style and ability to make everyone on a trip welcome. Mike has been guiding since 1988."

They offer different trip leaders on their site, and all of them are stated as having their own specialties. I took the liberty of looking on the net for info on Mike Passo in particular, he has a lengthy list of entries, Crew of the MV Sea Wolf as an accessibilty consultant, he shows as the contact person for Access Outdoors (link disabled) and Wilderness Inqury websites, contact person for Trailbuilders and there are bunches of Accessible trail design and equipment mentions.

I just got off the phone with him and he said he has some stories of his to share, 21 at the age of the accident 15 years in the chair, mountain biking accident etc, and since Carol STILL hasn't gotten her interview to me I gonna talk to this guy and see what he has to say about his life.

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