Back again

Posted by Ralph | 7:42 AM |

After a glorious week off I'm back to work. Didn't do anything, just relaxed.I didn't even have internet! I took my mom to the Casino, and lost, but that's about it. While I was away I got a cool e-mail from another quadriplegic photographer in Mexico. He mentioned to me that he reads my blog, and that he had just bought a new Nikon D80.

Nikon's aren't really my bag. The technology is great, the simple fact is that I am stronger in my right arm/hand and the Nikon's mode dial is on the cameras left side. I prefer Canon, the design, and being able to use the complete line of EOS lenses made my decision easy. Nikon makes a good product, it's just not good for me.

Sadly he told me what I have known, and said for a couple years, "I’ve struggled to find adaptive camera equipment." Isn't that the truth! It has taken me two years of research, and lots of trial and error to use my camera rig well, and I still need help with the set-up. I guess that even the best photographers need assistants, and every body needs help with something. Check out his site @

That's it for now, but I will get a chair sports update going now and put it online later this afternoon.

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