United Spinal Association information

Posted by Ralph | 6:53 PM

In the never ending quest to work smarter not harder.......... I sent an e-mail to the United Spinal Association and asked them if they would use any of the content or interviews off this site of mine.

I got a response today and I quote. "What a great blog! I am definitely interested in using some of your material. We have a Recreation-themed issue coming up in August where any of these would be interesting to include. I will spend some time when I have a chance looking them over and I'll let you know which ones I'm interested in. In the meantime, please feel free to contact me directly and I will be happy to consider any query you want to send my way. I'd also like to add you to our blogroll."

Good news eh? I can think of all kinds of cliches, paddling up you know what creek, etc. etc. I just don't care to struggle, or feel like I'm struggling professionally, any more.

Did you know that every 41 minutes another person sustains a spinal cord injury? You can join United Spinal Association for free by clicking this

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