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Denver Harlequins: Against the Odds

No one expected them to make it to D-I. No one expected them to make it to the finals. No one expected them to win. But the Harlequins didn't care what people expected! Read about their tough 47-45 win over the Lakeshore Demolition here.

NEW ITF Wheelchair Tour Event

Joining the likes of Roland Garros, the US Open, Wimbledon, and the Australian Open, the Rome WTA Tour event will be adding an exhibition wheelchair tennis tournament. The tournament will be on May 19 and will be between Peter Wikstrom(SWE), Stefan Olsson(SWE), Fabian Mazzei(ITA), and Martin Legner(AUT). It sounds like the sport of wheelchair tennis is really growing, being backed by the entire industry. Here's what President Binaghi had to say about the news, "Exactly as it happens in the four most important tournaments of the world, there is a wheelchair tennis exhibition event. In this way, Rome will play a great role not only for the Italian tennis movement but also for global wheelchair tennis."

Also on a more personal note, the Atlanta Open starts today. My friend and wheelchair tennis coach Greg Taylor, will be competing in the Quad events. I will be giving a full review of the tournament early next week so check back and see how Greg does.

The Ex starts this Friday

Starring Zach Braff, Amanda Peet, and Jason Bateman.

Tom just wants his wife Sophia to be happy. Chip however, just wants Tom's wife. Chip, a paraplegic, is hell bent on winning back his high school lady. I've only seen the trailer but the movie looks hilarious. Click here to watch some trailers.

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