The 2000 Sydney, Australia paralympics were what I think should be the model for all future Paralympic Events. An unbelievable 1.4 million tickets were sold at $10.00 for an all day, all event pass. That amount more than doubled the Paralympic Events of Atlanta's sales.

Even more amazing was that the wheelchair tennis outsold the a/b's! There were many matches with attendance of 7 -10,000. That's cool...... predictably David Hall and Esther Vergeer won golds.

Here is the coolest part.."Bonn, Germany – The third Visa Paralympic World Cup will not only excite spectators at the competition venues. For the first time, sports fans around the world can watch top quality BBC footage of one of Paralympic Sports’ biggest annual events on the International Paralympic Committee’s (IPC) internet television channel.

The 2008 Paralympics will be televised on the internet. You can watch it on Paralympic Sport here.

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