Wheelchair Sports Updates 2/18/2008

Posted by Ralph | 8:39 AM

Well here it is, the 7th week into 2008 and I am putting up the first of this years updates in sports. I have had alot of problems this year on all fronts and am a little bit out of practice but I'll do my best.

Last night's recipient of Extreme Makeover-Home Edition really inspired me to keep rolling on. Patrick Henry Hughes is blind AND in a wheelchair. He also attends the Univ. of Louisville and plays trumpet in the schools marching band. His cumulative GPA is 3.866 and is a full time student and public speaker. You can check out his website here or take a look at this video.

Now to the sports.

>Wheelchair Tennis - U.S. and World #1 Quad Player David Wagner wins 2007 ITF Mens Player of The Year. Great Britain's Lucy Shuker takes the honor on the Women's side.

>Wheelchair Tennis - Australian Open - Esther Vergeer wins sixth consecutive Australian Open Championship title (Total Dominance.)

>Shingo Kunieda and Nick Taylor both win second consecutive championships. Article.

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