Yesterdays wheelchair sports update was pretty lame. I'm out of practice and it shows. We still have multiple google first page entries for searches on wheelchair adventurers and I'm still emotionally invested in Rollingpix as a business. Updating regularly will get the rust out and there is so much interest in the players, people and technology that I wan't to keep contributing to the community of disabled people I have been a card holding member of these past ten years.

I got a compliment in my email yesterday from Erik Kondo. He is a T4 Paraplegic, lives in Boston, father of three, graduate of a college from my hometown (double major - math/physics), non-profit charity founder AND....... 2ND DEGREE BLACK BELT IN JIU-JITSU.

His non-profit is called NOT ME and he teaches people in at risk populations self defense, providing instruction, conditioning and training to people like us. People who are easy to be viewed as an easy target for violence.

I took a look at their website and set in a collage of photos is a quote by Erik "Not-Me! is a method of communication. It emerges from your inner being and explodes upon your attacker saying, "Do NOT f-ck with ME!"

–Erik Kondo, Founder
. 2nd degree black belt, father of three, paraplegic

Check out their website NOT-ME. Or for instant gratification check out their Youtube channels.

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