Still not posting regularly

Posted by Ralph | 11:56 AM

As usual these past couple of months I'm really not posting as regularly as I should be. I'm really in a bad spot though. I don't have a power chair, waiting for my grant for my new chair and camera equipment through Vocational Rehabilitation. It's taking alot longer than I thought because of all the politics and paperwork I have to do.

It's all going to be for the best once I have everything taken care of I will have EVERYTHING I NEED. Not to mention all the experience I'm getting doing the research and paperwork for the business itself. Business plans really are work themselves. I am happy to do it, because Rollingpix is the first thing in my life that I have completely dedicated myself to and felt fulfilled by.

I haven't even posted since the middle of February! Since I don't have a power chair I haven't been able to leave my house indepently and it's depressing!

Vocational Rehabilitation is asking me for so much information and paperwork. I moved from Tampa back to Orlando and my case also had to be moved. My new case worker is awesome but he hasn't got my file yet.

I won't be posting again regularly until all of this business stuff is completed. Rollingpix will be much better for it though, in the meantime if you have any questions about what's going on in wheelchair sports send me an email and I will get back to you.

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