My current situation is really good

Posted by Ralph | 3:13 PM

I'm jumping through hoops with VR but it really is for the best. There is so many things I needed to learn and do properly. I am just wholly occupied by the proper establishment of a business, there are so many different parts of ownership that require managing.

Up to this time with VR i had no serious working with ANY management, oversight or funding sources. It was just me and my ideas that I worked on alone, 2 or 3 years alone until I started really applying the responsibilty side of a business owner.

That's the whole cause of not putting a meaningful update on any of my blogs, myspace...etc. I have to do all the doc's, contracts, manuals, protocols and everything else that owner/operator business's need to start and run properly.

Awesome news in my personal life also! No later than mid-April 2009 I will be a dual Canadian/American citizen...... Just because I was born in the first generation to a Canadian citizen in another country!

It's a brave new world for me.......Eh? Aye?

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