Quid Pro Quo movie looks awesome

Posted by Ralph | 3:32 PM

Here's the trailer

This is a snippet from a review of the film that was reviewed at Sundance - "How's this for a premise? A young reporter who lost the use of his legs in a childhood car accident is asked to look into a group of handicap "wannabes" before he falls in love with a physically-abled woman who, yep, desperately wants to be a paraplegic. Sounds pretty outlandish, doesn't it? But the truth is that there ARE people out there who'd prefer to be wheelchair-bound -- as "crazy" as that might sound to you and me. Strange but true, folks, and Carlos Brooks' oddly illuminating Quid Pro Quo does an appreciably good job of delving into some rather arcane issues."

I'm thinking this movie is like a Hostel 2 for gimps. If you want to read the rest of the review it's on Cinematical. As usual in my experience IMDB has much better information and another great review from someone that saw it on Sundance's closing night, "because all the other films were sold out. The film, which took writer/director Carlos Brookes 7 years to make is due for a June, Friday the 13th release.

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