Article about ITF Wheelchair Tennis Tour

Posted by Ralph | 9:34 PM

I'm working on an article about the ITF Wheelchair Tennis Tour, good articles require lots of research and this is no exception. The spreadsheet is 5 columns wide with every detail about the 180+ events on the tour. Their organizers, locations, prize money...... everything

V.R. keeps asking me for more and more about my business plan, and I'll keep giving and giving all they want until I get my rig. I am also anticipating getting my new powerchair, a Quickie 646 SE, it's a great chair 8 and a 1/2 mph chair that will definitely carry all my gear for a long time. It's not this beast but I'll have one in a year, count on it.

Thirdly I'm getting my merchant account BEFORE I"m getting my equipment from V.R. They have a huge list of what they want me to buy, and I'm doing it, memberships in professional organizations and all sorts of other things.

As I wrote in the right sidebar there is so much going on behind the scenes but I still say middle of the summer and things will be fully operation

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