Problems with Vocational Rehabilitation

Posted by Ralph | 5:00 PM

Things with Vocational Rehab. took a potentially huge diving plunge toward the toilet. I may be on a 6 month waiting list while they figure out if I have been in the wrong department of V.R. 6 months would be a huge turd that would take my last 4months and flush it for "at least" 6 months.

I have other business ventures outside of them that I can work on, the best of them is the cooling vest, other than
that and my website I have put all my effort, energy and time into capitulating with their endless requests. I know I will get the equipment eventually.

I am finally finished with all of my Wheelchair Tennis spreadsheets so that article should be ready by Monday. Stay tuned because I am definitely not giving up.

Gimps don't die, we multiply! Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha.


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