My V.R. case collapsed

Posted by Ralph | 1:36 PM

After all the work my counsellors and I put into my plan everything is now on hold until "at least" Feb '09. It wouldn't bother me so much except that I was only one appointment away, after almost 5 months of work he says the "primary reason" is because I missed three appointments.

So I'm going to continue working on the website and as always I have a rabbit in my hat..... Things will work out fine in the end.

The Paralympics are right around the bend and these Paralympics will be the biggest ever in history, with 4,000 athletes from more than 150 countries and regions. In the 2004 Athens Paralympics , China topped all medals with 63 gold, 46 silver and 32 bronze, ahead of the United Kingdom with 35 gold. This year China hopes to put out its biggest-ever delegation in a bid to once again top the table. Not great news for the U.S teams but we will do our best. Some 4,000 journalists and technicians from around the globe will cover the world's second-largest sporting event. I won't be there but I will definitely be in Vancouver.

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