Explanation "third edit

Posted by Ralph | 9:30 PM

I'm really sorry about not posting much lately There is a great reason though. I haven't been updating daily or even.....sometimes weekly anything really really news worthy is because I have been working with the State of Florida's Vocational Rehabilitation division building and implenting a real business plan, a Executive Summary, Market Analysis, Profit and Loss sheets. The whole kit and caboodle.

Obviously this complete process is in Rollingpix's best interest as a business, it just takes alot of work, and typing, combining and collating way too many different doc.s, spreadsheets and I only type with my right pinkie, one character at a time. In addition to all that are the almost weekly meetings at V.R. and all the in-other between work that occupies most of my workday, the rest is email's, net researching for business related info......... etc.

This part of any solo business owner/operator takes an awful lot of my personal time, but this post hopefully explains my slacking a little with the website , as I said in the sidebar big things are coming. Until then I won't be posting regularly.

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