Cooling vest for wheelchair users

Posted by Ralph | 8:16 PM

I got my cooling vest from the distributor and used it on Monday for a few hours outside in the insanely hot Florida sun and it WORKED! It really did exactly what it was supposed to. I soaked the vest in regular tap water for 20 secs and put it on, then I put my t-shirt on over it. If you use ice water the vest stays cooler longer, I didn't do that, but I definitely will next time, also... The manufacturer says the vest doesn't perform as well in high humidity but I had no such problems in 80% + humidity, and the comprehensive technology review I did earlier is here, and it's definitely worth peeking at.

I thought the vest was going to soak my shirt but the water stayed inside the vest, exactly where it's supposed to, keeping me cool for almost 4 hours, I had requested a distribution contract with the manufacturer and I sat on it for awhile until I could field test it. Now that I have done just that one test combined with their information on it, I feel perfectly happy representing their product here in Florida.

I got a line on them from the distributor, basically making me their distributor here. I will buy the vests in bulk and I can offer some discount, if your interested shoot me an email.

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