I got my business account check card

Posted by Ralph | 5:14 PM

I'm still working with the State of Florida's Department of Vocational Rehabilitation on the preparation and execution of my business plan. I haven't been posting at all lately, it's lame on my part and I'm sorry. I got my business and merchant accounts done, the paperwork that government org's want from you is endless. Next appt. is July 14th so I'll get things right here.

I do have some things to post in sports news:
>An expedition to Mount Everest base camp... 17,700 feet, in their chairs.

>In Canada - four guys age 43 to 65 are handcycling 87 days from B.C. to Newfoundland - 10,000 km's across the country to raise funds for stem cell research. Video. Better yet... DONATE

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