Quite a long while back I posted on the military grade juggernaut that is the Tank Chair. Well now it has a newer, sportier, MUCH faster masterpiece from the folks that made the original monster. If Tank Chair is a beast, this new chair, appropriately called "The Speedster" is the Vector of wheelchairs. It even looks fast, and it's built from one solid piece of Aluminum , sitting on 21 inch Michelin's and custom billet wheels I know it has to be a blast to drive.

Just like it's sibling it's powered by four ultima 12v batteries and the specs on the chair are just unbelievable.

One-Piece Aluminum Chassis
Michelin 190-90R21 Tires
21" Colorado Custom Billet Wheels - Chrome
Billet Hub adapters
Fox 3-way Adjustable Shocks
4 - Optima Deep Cycle 12v Batteries
Battery access sliding tray
Motor Specs
1hp Continuous
Variable Speed
18:1 Gear Ratio
Weight ??
34" Wide x 38" Long

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