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Posted by Ralph | 12:56 PM

Orlando Regional Medical Center at 1414 Kuhl Avenue • Orlando, Florida is doing an amazing evaluation of a Novel Interface for Individuals with Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury Using an Assistive Robotic Manipulator (MANUS) for Improved Independent Function

They are currently seeking candidates for a clinical trial evaluation of exploring the utility of a robotic arm for improved independent function in traumatically injured spinal cord patients. The study is evaluating a variety of interfaces for a robotic arm system and how they impact a spinal cord injured person’s ability to perform tasks, and the perceived effort associated with those tasks.

The Candidates that we are seeking fit the following profile:

> Available and willing to participate in therapy, nursing, and physician evaluations to evaluate candidacy for the program
>Physician referred
> Traumatically Spinal Cord Injured
> 21 or older
> C-3 to C-6 level of impairment
> Active individuals able to participate in study
> Greater than 90 days post injury
> Cognitively able to perform tasks
> Able to attend training as needed, 2 days a week, 4 weeks for 8 total sessions, plus evaluation and discharge evaluations with the therapist, nurse and physician
>Free use of upper extremities, i.e. functional ROM adequate enough to use the Assistive Robotic Manipulator (Manus)
> Free of communicable diseases>\
> Adequate vision (with or without corrective lenses)
> Can use the chosen upper extremity in a sustained fashion for the duration of each “treatment session”
> Must have communication skills adequate enough to provide the needed feedback.
>Sitting tolerance duration for the purposes of this project, typically 45 minute to 1 hour training sessions plus transportation time.

If you are interested in learning more about this study, please contact our program coordinator, Rod Olson at or 407-841-8911.

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