Good news from Vocational Rehabilitation

Posted by Ralph | 12:28 PM

I spoke with my counsellor this morning regarding my case status and was told that a ranking system has been put in place for pending cases like mine. He told me that one of his clients was number 9,000 plus and that I am number 230 in the whole state of Florida. He also told me that if things progress in my favor at the state level I will have my funding as early as the end of the year.

We all know that waiting on government organizations to move swiftly requires lots of optimism but considering my position numerically my hopes are high that everything will work out by then or even sooner. 230 out of tens of thousands is pretty damn good in my opinion.

Hurricane Fay was really bad where I live, a couple feet of rain, extensive flooding, utility outages.... and the storm came in the week we were switching our ISP and phone providers. Everything is working well now, but there is another big storm brewing in the Central Caribbean. Until then I'll keep working

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