Last day of the 2008 Bejing Paralympics

Posted by Ralph | 2:13 PM

(Beijing, Sept.16th) The Paralympics are almost over, and with one day of competition remaining the current medal count is absolutely staggering. So far the home team Chinese have won an astonishing 207 total medals. They have won more medals than Great Britain and the U.S. combined. 87 gold's, 68 silver's and 52 bronze.

China has earned and deserves all the world's respect for making this the greatest Paralympics in history. With Vancouver coming let's see what Canada can do. I'm sure that Vancouver's quadriplegic mayor Sam Sullivan will play a big part in it's success.

Today's Wheelchair Basketball results

Australian Basketball gold medal ceremony(Xinhua)

Photos: Australia wins Men's Wheelchair Basketball gold medal [09-16 22:31]

U.S. Women celebrate gold (Xinhua)

Photos: US beats Germany for Women's Wheelchair Basketball gold [09-16 10:24]15 16:50]


Paul Tingley of Canada wins 2.4MR (1-Person Keelboat) gold (Xinhua)

Swedish Crown Princess Victoria (L2) awards gold medals to Nick Scandone (R2) and Maureen Mckinnon Tucker (L). (Photo credit: Xinhua)

I'm really looking forward to Vancouver, next time you'll see my name in the photo credits!

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