2008 Paralympics Day 9 Update

Posted by Ralph | 11:39 AM

Day 9 of the Paralympics saw 14 more world and Paralympics fall by the wayside in swimming competitions. The juggernaut that is women's wheelchair tennis great Esther Vergeer won her third Consecutive gold medal, narrowly beating world number 2 Korie Homan in a third set tie-break.
On the men's side - Shingo Kunieda absolutely dominated Robin Aamerlam, 6-3, 6-0, winning his, and Japan's first gold medal in tennis.

As I predicted in Friday's post the American contingent is closing in on Great Britain's 2nd place in the total medal race. We are now only 4 total medals behind them. They have 7 more gold's than us, we have 6 more silver and it's just about even in bronze. With 3 more days to go I think we will pass them.

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