2008 Paralympic news update

Posted by Ralph | 9:57 PM

Sorry I haven't updated all week, I had a bit of a pressure sore and I don't mess with those. The first 16 months of my injury was spent on my face from one. That said.... The Paralympics are almont half way done and the U.S. Team is getting rocked across the board.

We are in third place overall with 56 total medals. 23golds, 16 silvers and 17 bronze. This is less than half of China's massive 109 total medals, 37 gold's, 42 silver's and 30 bronze. The 2nd place Brit's are within striking distance. They are only 13 total medals ahead of us with 69 medals, 33 gold's, 10 more than us, 4 more silver's and one less bronze.

Today the U.S. Women's wheelchair b/ball team and Japan, both undefeated teams will meet today in the semi's. In Men's basketball Australia and Canada are the favorites but the U.S. is in contention for a medal.

In Sailing the U.S. 2 person SKUD team are favored to win gold. With the current (and only disabled person to win) Rolex Yachtsman of the Year Nick Scandone I expect victory. In the 2.4mR Britain has a 5 point lead over U.S. team member John Ruf so with one day left a silver at least is certain and possibly gold.

There are Gold medal finals today and tomorrow in Archery, Athletics, Road Cycling, Powerlifting, Sailing, Shooting and Swimming. In Archery there are more than a few Americans left, Jeff Fabry won his q/f in W1, in the Individual Open Compound open final two Americans went heads up and TJ Pemberton came out ahead.

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