Man I feel better now that I know my V.R. case is moving. I can get back to business here instead of spending all my time fighting the State of Florida over something that was never my fault to begin with.

On with some news!

Wheelchair Sports:
> Oct. 19. 2008 Detroit FREEPRESS/FLAGSTAR Marathon -Wheelchair/Handcycle division. $500 1st place prize!

> London 2012 Summer Paralympics - "The 2012 chief said: "The real challenge for our governing bodies, and for sport more broadly, is how many people can you get into the sport off the back of that great moment?" The short answer is plenty. Great Britian was 2nd in total medals in Beijing with 102, 42 of them Gold's. Check out Paralympics GB. Could you be their next star?

University political science first year Laura Zimmermann plays wheelchair basketball Tuesday on the Northrop Auditorium Plaza as part of October’s National Disability Awareness month.

> Minneapolis - “It is absolutely critical that students with disabilities are able to participate in athletics at the University of Minnesota,” Senior Rachel Garaghty, co-director of the Disabled Student Cultural Center and member of the ASC said the University is working to grow its wheelchair sports program. - That's great.... if you can handle the winter:-> Putting snow chains on w/c tires is a real pain!

> Chicago Marathon - "Kurt Fearnley won the men's Paralympics marathon at Athens in 2004 and at Beijing last summer, and Sunday he took the Chicago Marathon chair division for the second straight year.The Australian is hoping to come back to Chicago for both the Paralympics and the marathon in 2016."I think Chicago could host an incredibly talented Paralympics in 2016," Fearnley said. "If all things align [and Chicago hosts the Olympics], I could be here, trying again."From my point of view, the marathon was organized perfectly last year and again this year."Photo: Jose Osorio

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