Amazing news

Posted by Ralph | 12:48 PM

I have a court date! I called Tallahassee yesterday about my administrative review regarding the messed up situation with Vocational Rehabilitation, left a message with the State Director and less than 30 minutes later received a email from their Assistant General Counsel.

The hearing will be held no later than November 20th, just about a month from now! I also spoke with my V.R. counsellor and he was very optimistic that the ruling would be in my favor. The delay did help me in a few ways, I was able to take advantage of some new camera, video and audio technology and revised my equipment list. My new list of gear will give me everything I need to be a mobile audio-visual and photography studio.

The rep from the hospital also called me and gave me the rate fees for my rehab in India, it's the same quality as Thailand but much less expensive. I spent most of last evening researching the city of Hyderabad and it looks amazing, after a few months of living in the hospital and building up my strength I can transition to a adjoining part of the facility for the remainder of my stay for the fine tuning.

I am genuinely happy for the first time in months! Now the ball is in my lawyers hands....... wish me luck!:->

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