Physiotherapy in Hyderabad

Posted by Ralph | 12:35 PM

Looks like an awesome city!

I have been looking at selling what I have and going somewhere in India or SE Asia for some really aggressive physioytherapy. Thailand was my first choice, Bumrungrad Hospital to be exact. They want about $150 U.S. dollars roughly for an all inclusive rehab package, Bumrungrad is consistently ranked one of the top hospitals in the world and I'm sure the quality of care would be stellar.

Making a move like that, to another continent is not something to just roll right into, even if that is my normal m.o. I also contacted the U.S. rep for the top rehab hospital in India, his name is Moe and I got a really good first impression from our talk. He represents The Apollo Hospital in Hyderabad which also holds the all important JCI accreditation and the Avaya Global Connect Customer Responsiveness award for three consecutive years.

This trip is an all or nothing thing for me. I have been dependant for transfers and lower half dressing for ten years, when I work as Rollingpix I have to take someone with me and I'm tired of that dependancy. When I say all or nothing I mean it. With my level of injury independence is a very achievable goal and I will succeed.

Attending the 2010 Winter Olympics as a vetted, respected photojournalist are my goals both business and personal. I already went to Vancouver on my own for three months so this is just another turn of my wheels.

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