A 33 year old man, my age, with Muscular Dystrophy got rolling and left his home to go to another Continent! Karsten Blokker left the Netherlands for Thailand, got himself a house, learned the language and assimilated himself the best he could in Chiang Mai. On September 25th Karsten, named Baan Khun Daeng by the Thai's near to him succumbed to pulmonary infection and didn't want to live on a Tracheotomy.

I respect that choice I had a trach for many months in the beginning

I just got finished reading a memoriam to him and realized that I never even told him that he inspired me so greatly with making a move like that. With my business getting ever closer I will keep the very little I know of him close to my heart.

On a funny note I would really like to know what his Thai name means. His obit also mentioned "being covered in Yakuza tattoo's, and driving himself around in a trick red car. I'll call some restaurants and figure it out.

I'm also trying to get in touch with his brother Dan and figure the process of a major relocation like that out. Check his website out. There are pix of him, his house, a rental for other gimps wanting to go out there and a nice feeling that he died just how he lived, hopefully...........

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