Wheelchair Sports update 10/18/2008

Posted by Ralph | 7:13 PM

>Vancouver's Paralympic finances are in the same boat as everyone else it seems.... sinking a little bit. "Yes, we're in the red, but don't be alarmed, says Vancouver 2010's money man." says VANOC's CFO John McLaughlin.

The committee reported a $48.1 million dollar deficit on $122.3 million income and $170.4 million in spendings. Source: VAN24


> It seem's like I can't get away from posting about London and how involved they are with their Paralympians. Friday was the official parade for their national team that came away from Beijing with the overall silver medal.

London's Mayor, Boris Johnson had this to say about what they are going to bring to the spectacle, "I know the sceptics will say or that we can’t match the Chinese or deliver a fantastic Olympics in a recession and I say to them that it is exactly because of that downturn that we must seize the chance to rejuvenate, regenerate part of East London, that has been neglected for decades, with all the potential that brings for jobs and growth".

I think it’s going to knock China for six from that point of view, not necessarily just from the facilities." and about the athletes, "There is no wrong time of the day or the week to commemorate the best cycling result by any team ever in the history of sport, or the incredible achievements of our rowers, British rowers, British swimmers, and sailors, who together have produced the most extraordinary British aquatic triumph since Horatio Nelson won the Battle of Trafalgar itself." Now if they can get their food sorted out I'm sure they will achieve greatness!

> Chattanooga "SISKIN HOSPITAL for Physical Rehabilitation is teaming up with Red Bank High School for a wheelchair basketball exhibition game on Oct. 28 at 7 p.m. The sporting event will take place between Siskin Hospital’s national championship wheelchair basketball team, the Rebounders, and Red Bank High School’s boys varsity basketball team, said Lindsay Wyatt, Siskin Hospital media coordinator.

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