> The U.S. Veterans Administration has introduced a new pilot program for vets to get involved in adaptive sports "The summer sports clinic is the newest national rehabilitation special event sponsored by the Department of Veterans' Affairs. The clinic introduced wounded veterans to sports such as adaptive surfing, sailing, kayaking, cycling and track and field for week-long event in San Diego, Sept. 28 through Oct. 3. " Really good article after the jump. Photo:VA

> One of my hobbies is reading Japanese comic books "manga" and Takehiko Inoue has done a 224 page masterpiece on Wheelchair Basketball, "
Real, The first volume starts off with our archetypal high school delinquent, Tomomi Nomiya, getting kicked out of school. With nowhere to go and feeling guilty about a traffic accident he was involved in, Nomiya stumbles upon somebody playing basketball. Somebody in a wheelchair, to be precise. His name is Kiyoharu Togawa and Nomiya foolishly challenges him to a game of (wheelchair) basketball and proceeds to get his butt kicked by a guy with one leg."

> Cybernetics. "Researchers led by Chet Moritz of the University of Washington in Seattle used nerve blocks to paralyze the arms of two pig-tailed macaques. Electronic implants were attached to a random cell, and the cell firings were recorded during 90-minute sessions of the monkeys playing a wrist-controlled video game. Signals from the cells were transmitted by wires to electrodes implanted in the wrist muscles."

> Paralympics and Prosthetics - Jerome Singleton is a University of Michigan student and a medal winner in Beijing. He won two medals in China, a Gold in the 400 meter relay and finished a close second behind Oscar Pistorious in the 100. Jerome is studying bio-medical engineering in the hopes of creating better prosthetics and said this about his dreams ""If I can, I would love to help someone else have that drive to go a little further, I've gotten it from my community and so many people throughout my life, to pass that on to someone else would be nice."

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