Corporate Branding, one see's it everywhere these days, on the TV, in movies, on cars and rolling buses with mini, scrolling billboards, even in the newest of custom stencil brands used by Graffiti artists.

Now Corporate Branding has found yet another leg to stand on us with, and this time it's not only artificial, it's science future. Not that I mind, science future is science today, and when you have billions of dollars of R&D money to throw at a project why not make it a worthwhile one that could possibly deflect some of the negative attention of your slave shops.

Well that's exactly what corporate juggernaut Nike did, by designing a state of the art sports prosthetic leg. Designed by Colin Matsco, Nike's Air Jordan brand has been chosen for a one of a kind, very futuristic looking prosthesis for one lucky young man, so far, and man does it look amazing!

Custom sports prosthetics are advancing in leaps and bounds everyday, helping millions of people worldwide to live more natural lives. It was only a matter of time before the corporations got into more elaborate branding schemes, even Tag Heuer has gone and made their own very refined example, typically European, understated but still beautiful and completely functional leg.

If a pair of Jordan's sneakers are well over a $100, and Tag's go for thousands I can only imagine how much one of these is going to hurt your wallet! But the looks! Priceless...

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