More Prosthetics Hilarity!

Posted by Ralph | 4:54 PM

A one-legged man remanded in custody has managed to outrun three security guards - leaping over fences and walls as he made his escape.

But the 28-year-old had other ideas and bolted away “like a Paralympic sprinter”, according to witnesses.
Guards hadn’t handcuffed him because he was using crutches.

But Hill ditched the walking aids and left the three overweight security guards in his wake as he ran 180 metres, leapt a 1.5 metre wall and a number of fences before disappearing into a block of flats.

Hill was fitted with a false leg after being disabled in a pitbull attack.An embarrassed court security officer told the Sun newspaper he couldn’t believe Hill got away.

“I can’t believe a man with one leg managed to run away. He was a really good actor,” said...

“He was like a sprinter in the Paralympics… the guards are fat and smoke too much so they couldn’t catch him.”

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