Bionics update - Prosthetic USB Finger!

Posted by Ralph | 10:46 AM

Source: Command The Raven

Technology has become so advanced that it can now be utilized in creepy and intriguing manners in the body.

Computer programmer, Jerry Jalava from Finland lost half of his finger following a motorbike accident. Now, Jalava has had his finger replaced with a 2GB USB drive that appears to be a prosthetic finger.

The silicon prosthetic finger appears to be a normal finger, but the tip can be peeled back to unveil a USB drive. The finger is not permanently attached, so he can leave his finger in the computer and simply complete other work as his documents save.Jalava utilizes the drive to store photos, movies and other files.

Following a friend’s blogging about the finger Jalava received tons of questions many of which he has responded to on his own blog.

He has future plans to develop an even more intense prosthetic which contains RFID Radio Frequency Identification.

His story isn’t the only one in interesting prosthetics. A Canadian documentary filmmaker, Rob Spence, who has only one eye plans to conceal a video camera within a prosthetic eye so that he can record individuals for an upcoming project which details the global use of surveillance equipment.

While looking at his mobile phone camera he realized that one could actually fit into his empty eye socket. With a hidden camera in his eye socket he hopes to record the images that he actual sees with his working eye, his muscles would have the ability to move the camera eye just like his own working eye.

Spence says that fitting everything inside the prosthetic eye has been a challenge. He’s been working with top engineers including Steve Mann, from MIT.

Spence hopes to become a “human surveillance machine” so that he can explore true privacy issues and concerns. The subjects Spence films would not know of his filming until afterward and he would receive their permission before including them in the film.

His equipment would be a camera which was designed for colonoscopies originally, a battery and a wireless transmitter

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