Wheelchair tech update - Magic Wheel

Posted by Ralph | 5:54 PM

I was doing my usual browsing today and came across the Magicwheels.com website. These wheels are great! 2 gears, 1 high and 1 low and lock when not in use, great for quads like me.

Their website says "The MAGICWHEELS® 2-gear wheels is already being paid for by Medicare / Medicaid, the Veterans Administration Health Care System (both service and non-service connected disabilities), state vocational rehab agencies, the Muscular Dystrophy Association; medical & private insurance, HMO's and more. Please call the funding hotline to contact a FUNDING EXPERT directly to help you in obtaining the 2-gear wheels at little or no cost to you."

Anybody in a chair knows money for DME's is always a big deal so having all those options is a real bonus. Go to the website and check out all of the videos, especially the one's with quad's. I might see if VR will add a pair to my plan.

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